Friday, July 29, 2011

The Way Through

Readers of this blog probably think it's the end of the road for our dreams and all the work we've done to develop a community center for our area.

Think again.

Although time has passed with no updates here, behind the scenes leaders in this community have been putting their ducks in order to pave the way to our center.

Leaders like Phil Hansen, commissioner of the Coulee Area Park and Recreation District , J. Scott Graham, Chief Executive Officer of the Coulee Medical Center, and Geary Oliver, a commissioner on both boards. The leaders of these entities have learned about and/or participated in the Horizons community meetings; they are moving forward to find other leaders to join in making a community wellness center a reality.

The Star - Online Newspaper shared Graham's idea: "Preventing illness rather than curing it, he said, is becoming an important part of the future of medical care. And a family-friendly, well-used wellness center, complete with fun, safe exercise options for year-round activities, would encourage a lot of prevention."

It's not the end of the road; we've just turned around and found the way through.

Kruk Road to Banks Lake
Kruk Road from Banks Lake
Sheri Edwards

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Scott Hunter said...

Nicely done post, Sheri. A few of us met last night and are highly encouraged that we're on the right track. But we will need more people to put their names on this effort.